Cheliax Chronicles

Summary of Events in Andoran

Traveling the coastal waters of western Avistan from the bitter, ice-bound kingdom of Irrisen, the sorceress Ullevi journeyed past the ports of Varisia, Nidal and Cheliax, eventually landing at the Andoran capital of Almas. She had traveled thousands of miles for an obscure, unknown purpose that she kept closely guarded in her frozen heart.

From Almas she traveled by horseback to the obscure, provincial logging town of Falcon’s Hollow, one of the few sources of quality darkwood within the borders of civilization. And where darkwood trees grew, so did other rare and magical plants and herbs.

Among the stories and legends that drew Ullevi to Falcon’s Hollow was an entry in a copy of a journal written by Abernath Goldwind, a Taldoran member of the Pathfinder Society killed in Riddleport years ago by pirates. A copy of his journal made its way to the library of Ullevi’s mistress in Irrisen. The journal contained a reference to something called a Gulthias tree reported to have grown on the spot of a slain vampire centuries ago. The entry said that local legends near the town of Falcon’s Hollow claimed that a Gulthias tree existed somewhere within the swampy forests of Darkmoon Vale. Ullevi was sent to follow up on these rumors.

She and her traveling companions arrived in Falcon’s Hollow on Erastus 1, 4708, and discovered that the town’s citizens were suffering from a kind of plague caused by tainted well water called blackscour. Accompanied by a local farmer named Ra’id, Ullevi helped to acquire the necessary ingredients for the town’s local herbalist to concoct an obscure remedy for the plague-ridden townsfolk.

Although the townsfolk were greatly appreciative and hailed Ullevi and Ra’id as heroes, the town’s governor, a man named Thuldrin Kreed, didn’t appear as happy. Word quickly began to spread among the populace that it wasn’t Gavel Kreed and the Lumber Consortium (the official rulers of the town) who saved the people from harm – it had been a local farmer and an aloof foreign sorceress who had accomplished it. It became obvious that sentiment toward the Lumber Consortium was not running high, and the authorities appeared worried about an insurrection. Matters began to grow worse, but then the heroes of Falcon’s Hollow were invited to a private, secret audience with Gavel Thuldrin Kreed, where they met another man whom the gavel introduced as Maldros Throgex, a Chelaxian representative of the Aspis Consortium. Maldros, it seemed, had an offer to make, an offer that would quietly take care of the mounting problems in Falcon’s Hollow and make the local heroes very wealthy.

Timeline of Events
  • Erastus 1, 4708 – Ullevi and companions arrive in Falcon’s Hollow.
  • Erastus 2, 4708 – Encounter hobgoblin and made it halfway to tree
  • Erastus 3, 4708 – Made it to tree, defeated dragon-kin. Found eldermoss
  • Erastus 4, 4708 – Made it to Ulizmilla’s; defeated cauldron, found rat’s tail. Left gold payment.
  • Erastus 5, 4708 – 4 hours spent lost. Takes 7 hours to reach monastery. Defeat 4 wolves, Greypelt. Capture Greypelt.
  • Erastus 5, 4708 – Explore monastery and see unidentified creatures in the cellar (kobolds). Decide to leave.
  • Erastus 6, 4708 – Continue toward Falcon’s Hollow. Get lost for 7 hours.
  • Erastus 7, 4708 – Continue to search for river. Morning fog. Wait 1 hour for it to lift. Lost for 4 hours.
  • Erastus 10, 4708 – Safely return to Falcon’s Hollow.

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